About BeMe

Bernardo Medina-Colón has always been an artist. The commencement of his passion for the plastic arts started years ago; from private courses to artisanal experiments, art has always been a constant in his life.

Who is Bernardo Medina?

BeMe has been very passionate for art all his life. His formation as an artist has taken him many years of education. He has worked form experimental sculpting to acrylic, working with many styles and techniques. Since 10 years ago he discovered the mixed media and that has become his north and passion. This artist’s work has become an expression of affection due to the fact that he would give these works to people that he believed dearly close to him on special occasions. BeMe makes compositions with any object that comes his way; abstract artworks with a hint of color. It was Sylvia Villafañe from Petrus Gallery who saw the possibilities of the natural born artist.

His work debuted in 2006 in front of the public eye at a charity event called “Fly Hi”. It was a collective exposition where the artist became inspired in his experiences through his local and international trips to transmit his message. BeMe’s work consisted of planes in different forms with hints of different colors and advertising from old magazines.

At the beginning of 2008 he made his first individual exposition, under the name AZAR. The main theme was based around the relation in couples, families, and friends. Different size hearts and colors were the central concept of this exhibition. During this same year he made Carnival Hearts where he experimented with Gliceé.

In 2009, was the start of the world tour for BeMe. He had his first exposition out of Puerto Rico, hand in hand with Edgar Ace Gallery in Miami, Florida. Since then, sweets, coffee-shops, plantain, chairs and countless creative elements have taken part in BeMe’s works, as well as Spain, New York, Mexico, and Vieques have witness his creativity.